Thursday, July 28, 2011

Funky Questions

I am in a funk. It happens allot, more than I want to admit. Usually it happens to me once a day. There is a commercial for some 5 hour stuff that promises to help me with this problem….

But some funks are a bit more, shall I say…funkier. And I must apparently go through a funkier funk once or twice every year.

For various reasons, I’m just having a hard time being “productive. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve been wanting to accomplish about but my funk gets the better of me.

Why am I in a funk? Well usually it’s because…

I’m tired

And because I have limited energy, I’ve had to realized that it’s time to shut down. Often I am more thick headded than I would access myself so my body takes over in the form of a week in bed fighting off a virus.

My sabbatical is teaching me that if I don’t rest I sin! Strong statement but it’s flat out true. Sin is simply violating God and who He is. So since He rested I sin when I don’t follow His example.

Here is a simple formula laid out by our God, work hard 6 days and rest 1 day. Simple right??? Try it.

Over Multi-tasking

I used to thrive in being a multi-tasker but I’m wondering if everyone has a limit and if I may have passed that threshold of effectiveness. I am actually beginning to think the word is a misleading statement. If you really think about it no one can multi-task, that is do two or more functions at the same time. We actually still work on one thing at a time, but create tools to have multi-singular projects or tasks on our to-do list at any given time.

Weary of criticism and misunderstanding

Relational problems are often the source of our funk. If you think about it, when there is problems at home, you don’t want to go home. If you don’t have friends you feel there is nobody that understands and if you are having trouble at work with people you just want to get another job, no matter how good that salary is.

Remember to stay in life with your savior Jesus. He is the source of a wonderful life on planet earth. You and I will always have problems with others, but it’s Jesus that helps those problems disappear in the light of His glory!!!


I was thinking the other day that there is often 5 problems to my 1 possibility. I can easily get ovwerwhelmed at the problems that are around me. But usually that is because I am taking on the role of solving those problems. Then I sense the urge to carry that weight.

When I release those in my worship and pray to my God I slip back into my proper role, a lover and worshiper of God.

I know, I know it’s funky cause when you choose to not take on the role of solving problems you are tempted to become irresponsible, but that is not the solution either. Remember we are IN BUT NOT OF this world. So stay in it but don’t become it.

So, what would you add to this funky list?

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